Our Story

At Gorgeous Rx®, We Are All About Gorgeous and Healthy Skin

Gorgeous Rx® is for everyone, but we do something different that makes us more special. Our formulations are targeted for diverse skin types and their skin conditions backed by 20 years of dermatological experience in diverse skin care by an expert in the industry, Dr. Sonya Johnson.

Our Story

Everyone’s skin is unique, and everyone’s skincare routine differs. The understanding and confidence in our formulations are backed by 20 years of experience in taking care of different skin types and conditions. We specifically curated our products with the same research and feedback from our clients. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with effective, fragrance-free products that will help achieve the desired results of healthy skin with a clear and even skin tone. The founder and creator of Gorgeous Rx® products is Dr. Sonya Johnson, a board-certified dermatologist. 

Dr. Sonya Johnson has been in private practice for over twenty years and knows her clients' concerns regarding their skin.

During her career as a board-certified dermatologist, catering to the needs of her clients, she created the Gorgeous Rx® line. The Gorgeous Rx® products are Luxury skin care formulations suitable for all skin types, effective on all, specially curated for ethnic skin tones. Our formulations are lightweight, fragrance-free, potent, and rich. The line delivers non-comedogenic, long-lasting, and minimal to no irritation products fulfilling the results of a spotless and even skin tone.

For this reason, Dr. Sonya Johnson, who is a physician with ethnic skin herself, promotes the use of products that help create everyday solutions for gorgeous skin.

When you use Gorgeous Rx® system, you know you are using superior quality skin care products that have proven results for gorgeous skin.


Gorgeous Rx®’s mission is to create Gorgeous and Healthy skin. All our products are created by a practicing board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Sonya Johnson to promote gorgeous healthy skin every day.


We want people to feel confident knowing they have a proven skin care line that have been tested for results and improve the standards of diverse skin care by helping to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Core Values:

All our products are made according to the highest industry standards.  Our ingredients are all created with superior quality because your skin health is our TOP priority. Education is incredibly important to any company.  We regularly share the latest information on skin health because we want you to know how to create and maintain gorgeous skin with increased confidence. An important function of Gorgeous Rx® is to give back to the community.  We give a portion of the proceeds from all sales to organizations helping high school students prepare for college. Finally, integrity and confidence are two of Gorgeous Rx’s® main focus. We practice integrity in our promise to you that our products are the best. We take pleasure in providing products that help you create the confidence you want by having gorgeous skin for life.

Meet The Founder Dr. Sonya Johnson

Dr. Sonya Johnson– a highly respected, board-certified dermatologist – is a best-selling author, global speaker, and consultant. Dr. Sonya is the founder and chief medical advisor of DrSonyaJohnson.com where she discusses skin care concerns and strategies to empower women on taking care of their health. Her mission: to help women create clear and even skin tone with increased confidence. Dr. Sonya takes her unique brand show, The Gorgeous Glow Skin Show, to the camera on her YouTube channel to share with her #GorgeousGalCrew up-to-date information on healthier skin. She also founded Gorgeous Rx®, a company that provides high-quality skin care products to help women Unmask their Gorgeous!  Her skin care products are designed to promote healthier skin. Dr. Sonya Johnson is also in private practice and CEO of Dermatology Associates, PC.   Raised in Missouri, Dr. Johnson earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from St. Louis University, her Doctorate of Medicine degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Indiana University.