Gorgeous RxTM

by Dr. Sonya Johnson


Age Defying

Pumpkin Mask

Dual Defense

SPF 45 Sunblock

Our Story

Gorgeous RxTM is for everyone, but we do something differently that makes us more special. Our formulations are targeted for diverse skin types and their skin conditions backed by 20 years...

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Gorgeous RxTM Reviews

I highly recommend this product. I have been using the Ultra Hydrator for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I am not a big fan of moisturizers because they feel too heavy but being a serum this product is very light. I feel this product gives my skin a natural glow and the youthful look that I need. It only takes a little bit and this product lasts me about 6 months. Well worth it and more.


This product is the best! I only use a small about dab it around my face apply a little water and scrub away! It takes away all my dead skin and smooths as it goes! This is a must buy!


I began using the Brilliant C product about 1.5 weeks ago. I have noticed that my skin has an even glow/tone now. I don't feel oily nor does my skin feel heavy with products. So far this is the best moisturizer/blending agent that I have used. I cant wait to see what the coming weeks will bring for my skin! #gorgeousskinnow


this product is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I use this two- three times a week and my face has never felt this smooth in my entire adult life.