Do Men Even Care about Skincare?

The idea that skin concerns affect one's self-confidence is not restricted to women anymore. Studies show more and more men engaging and learning to invest in a good skincare routine, or at least following in the footsteps of their girlfriends and wives.

If you're still missing out, man oh man this is THE guide for YOU!

Let's begin by knowing HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS.

1- The Gorgeous Rx® line is for everyone

Our formulations started as a treatment for ethnic skin tones specifically, but when the final products hit the shelves, we made sure that our product range is able to cater to all skin types and skin tones. The Gorgeous Rx® line has no gender discrimination, so if you're a guy scrolling through our site, we are here for you too!

Our products are luxurious, fragrance free, curated for minimal to no irritation, effective and backed by over 20 years of research. No matter if your skin has become sensitive or mature, due to a lack of care or otherwise, Gorgeous Rx® will rescue you till the end.

2- Get to know your skin type

Men have thicker and commonly oilier skin as compared to women. That is the reason why some products are formulated as men-specific. These products usually target oily to combination skin types. However, for men with dry and sensitive skin, the key is finding the perfect balancing cleanser and moisturizer.
Here is a list of suggestions.
For oily to combination skin:
Choose an oil-reducing, balancing cleanser paired with a lightweight moisturizing serum such as
GRx® Oil Control Cleanser + GRx® Ultra hydrator

For dry to sensitive skin, opt for a gentle foaming or gel cleanser paired with a rich emollient or moisturizer such as:
GRx® Rejuvenating Cleanser + GRx® Hydrating Cream Moisturizer
(with calming Clary Sage,
Galanga, and Aloe)

If you have a combination skin type, Try the COCKTAILING method. It is not so basic- to say the least, but IT WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE PERSPECTIVE ON SKIN CARE ONCE YOU GET THE HANG OF IT!
Try using skin-concern-specific serums, boosters, and moisturizers to tackle issues such as acne, spots, pigmentation, or fine lines.

3- Experiencing bumps and ingrown?

Men with ethnic skin tones may experience more ingrown hair and bumps, due to the natural curling texture of their hair. This might make their skin a tad more sensitive in these areas.
The first thing to do is to switch the way you shave. Use a depilatory cream rather than shaving, or a gentle exfoliator beforehand, if shave you must!
If your ingrown are causing redness and acne, try using a cleanser such as;
GRx® Oil Control Cleanser
Contains Salicylic Acid- may be used as a pre-shave exfoliant. Tackles acne and inflammation
GRx 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser
Fights bacteria (patch test first for sensitive skin type)

4- Prone to skin pigmentation and patches

Add a skin-brightening serum or cream to your routine. Follow with SPF 30 or higher.
Recommended: Brilliant- C cream + Dual Defense SPF 45


Step 1: Cleanser/Exfoliator

Step 2: Serum/Moisturizer

Step 3: Sunscreen

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