6 Secrets to Achieving Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

6 Secrets to Achieving Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Secrets to Achieving Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Dr. Sonya Johnson is a board-certified dermatologist and creator of the Gorgeous Rx System.  She helps women who want to have even and clear skin tone with increased confidence. 

Have you ever wondered how certain women have beautiful, flawless skin?  What are their secrets regimen?  Are there certain products one should be using or taking?  Is their gorgeous skin hereditary, or do they work at it like the rest of us?  These are just a few questions that my clients ask me.  Regardless, if one’s skin is hereditary flawless or they work very hard at it, one thing is expected, the majority of women are in one of the two categories, and they perform 1 of 6, if not all, six secrets to maintain their beauty.  Listed below are the six secrets to achieving or maintaining gorgeous, glowing skin.

  1. Exercise- has several profound effects on creating gorgeous skin than any other factor. Exercise increases blood flow to provide nutrition to the skin and other vital organs. It also helps the body to detoxify the skin through sweating.  Exercise causes the mitochondria, powerhouses) to produce more collagen. 
  2. Eating Healthy- eating foods low in sugar, salt, and carbohydrates, yet high in nutritional value supple the skin with nutrients. Nutrients, vitamins, and supplements provide the necessary products for the skin to repair itself, build more collagen when needed, and protect from harmful pollutants found in our environment. 
  3. Rest & Relaxation- go hand in hand. Rest and relaxation provide the body as well as the skin with time to repair itself.  Rest and relaxation diminish the release of stress hormones and thus prevent inflammation and collagen breakdown.  Rest and relaxation mitigate swollen eyes, dark circles, and a dry appearing face. Unfortunately, if not careful, the opposite, together, can create a vicious cycle with a lack of sleep leading to stress and further stress leading to a lack of sleep.
  4. Water- drinking at least 8 cups of water a day will provide the proper hydration for your skin’s needs. Water alone, not water in coffee or water contained in sodas, is the best form of delivering fluid to the body and skin.  Water flushes all the organs, including the skin, of toxins and helps the skin to stay supple and hydrated. 
  5. Stress-Free Life- stress causes collagen breakdown and antioxidant formation. Antioxidants cause further collagen demise resulting in wrinkle formation.  Controlling prolong high levels of stress prevent not only premature aging, but other medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease.
  6. Practicing good skincare- Daily skincare with the right products goes a long to preventing unwanted skin conditions and slowing down the aging process. Using proper skin cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating products, sunscreens, and toners assists your skin in maintaining or reaching your desirable outcomes.  


Dr. Sonya Johnson is a board-certified dermatologist and creator of the Gorgeous Rx System.  She helps women who want to have an even and precise skin tone with increased confidence. 

The Gorgeous Rx System consists of various products to help you achieve Gorgeous, Glowing Skin.  The Effective, Silky-feeling and soothing effects make one’s skin luxurious after one application.  Press GRxSystem to purchase products.  

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