Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 2

Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 2

Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 2

We mentioned the role that sex hormones play for healthy skin.  What happens when women start to reach their 40’s or 50’s?  How do we reverse the changes that occur to our skin once the sex hormones diminish?

Estrogen, during menses, causes skin sensitivity.  Between adolescence and adulthood, diminished levels of estrogen cause a decrease in ant-sebum production along with normal levels of testosterone, causing an increase in oil production, leads to blockage and thus acne production.  Also, this is the same process that dairy and refined sugars lead to acne by diminishing estrogen production. Imbalance of progesterone (high levels) and estrogen (low levels) cause behavioral changes which trigger emotional eating and binge eating. This is another reason why women have cravings for certain foods during their menses that adversely affect their skin.  After age 40, the diminished levels of estrogen become noticeable with the skin appearing thinner, wrinkle formation and sagging skin, and loss of plumpness, thickness, and shine.


Progesterone low levels are evident by the appearance of sagging skin, decrease firmness, and dull-looking skin.  


Testosterone deficiency in women occurs at or after age 40.  At the same age, men experience dry skin; however, women notice no adverse changes in the skin.  If women experience acne due to clogged pores from an overproduction of oils due to testosterone, their outbreaks diminish after age 40.


Dr. Sonya Johnson is a board-certified dermatologist and creator of the Gorgeous Rx System.  She helps women who want to have even and clear skin tone with increased confidence. 

While we all know that aging is inevitable, we can still slow the aging process by practice healthier lifestyles and living longer.  Click HERE to schedule a telemedicine visit to discuss the treatment options with foods, prescriptions, and/or procedures to help you achieve and maintain your desired appearance.


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