Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 1

Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 1

Sex Hormones and Their Role in the Skin, Part 1

Sex hormones play a vital role in our skin function.  The three most common sex hormones are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  These three hormones affect the skin at different times of a woman’s life cycle.  The effects either play a positive role in the skin or a negative role in the function of the skin.  All three sex hormones have increased availability between adolescence to adulthood.  After age 50, all levels of the skin hormones declines, resulting in wrinkle formation, dry skin, inelastic skin, and thinning of our skin.

Estrogen, an essential sex hormone, causes an increase in collagen and skin thickness.  Estrogen promotes wound healing, improve barrier function to prevent infections and water loss in the skin.  It increases redness in the skin adding in the color of one’s complexion.  Estrogen increases skin hydration by boosting hyaluronic acid production, which provides moisture, plumpness, firmness, and suppleness to one’s skin. 

Progesterone, on the other hand, increases the skin elasticity and blood flow to the skin.  Elasticity is appreciated when you stretch your skin, and it recoils or retracts to its original state.

Testosterone, a hormone that is present in both women and me, causes an increase in oil production. The rise in oil production can have positive effects as well as adverse effects.  Oil production protects the skin and retains water to promote supple and hydrated skin, thus protecting the skin and helping to maintain the youthful appearance.  However, the adverse effects create clog pores and increase the likelihood of one developing acne.

Dr. Sonya Johnson is a board-certified dermatologist and creator of the Gorgeous Rx System.  She helps women who want to have even and clear skin tone with increased confidence. 

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